For some time now Van Rijnsbergen Elektrotechniek is working in the shipping industrie. Our trusted partner in this business is Minimax. They are responsible for the manufacturing and installation of fire fighting systems. The work we have done so far consists of the construction, maintenance and the installation of the fire fighting detection systems. This concerns the detection (flame and heat detectors) and the controls (PLC). Below u see a map of realized projects by Van Rijnsbergen Elektrotechniek. 



For the following part we'll distinguish two different installations. Installations like the ones used on the MS Cezanne, MS Bizet and Fedor and the installations like the ones used on the MPS Adventure and the MPS Discovery. 

MS Cezanne and Fedor

For the work on the Fedor our mechanics took a training by Consilium in Sweden. This organization is specialized in Marine Safety. The training was focussed on fire- and gas detection. On the Fedor the detectors consisting of flame- and heat detectors were to be replaced. The current installation remained. Van Rijnsbergen Elektrotechniek was responsible for activating the system and resolving malfunctions during this process. 

MPS Adventure and MPS Discovery 

 On the MPS Adventure and the MPS Discovery the work consisted, besides the activation of the system, on the construction and the installation of the fire fighting systems. The fire fighting systems on the MPS Adventure and the MPS Discovery operated as follows:

  • Heat and flame detectors are placed above an engine:
  • In case of fire the PLC gets a signal from the detectors;
  • The PLC gives the signal to open the valves; 
  • The water supply opens and the sprinkler system goes into effect.

Below u see  a slideshow with realized projects.

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